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Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Are you tired of dieting? Have you yo-yo dieted for years without success? Or put on double the weight you lost on your diet once you have gone back to normal eating patterns? Are you literally chained to your bathroom scales?

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management with True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester offers a unique way of losing weight. Carried out over five or six sessions of hypnotherapy, this program looks at the use of "alternative" ways of eating. It also explores the causes behind your weight gain and why you subconsciously hold onto that weight, something traditional diets don't offer, often the reason why all those diets out there DON'T WORK.

Once these subconscious habits are broken, Hypnotherapy Weight Management system with True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester uses the subconscious mind to guide you into better, healthier eating patterns. This, in turn, helps you to lose that unwanted weight forever.

Using Hypnotherapy for Weight Management with True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester is also a safe way of losing weight. Unchain yourself from those scales and set yourself free from those diet books.

I thought that I would also share some of the experiences that other clients have had using hypnotherapy to change their eating habits...

"Finally feeling in control of my eating habits, I've lost weight, but more importantly I feel healthier and happier" R

"It has helped me be more positive about myself. I no longer want to eat the things that are bad for me. I have lost some weight but lots of inches, I don't have to stick to a diet, I control myself" J

"It has given me more energy, I am more focused at work. Not so bloated and has made losing weight easier" S

"I feel more confident, losing weight easier, it has helped me address my emotional eating, and I have more energy at work" M

"Following almost a lifetime of having an unhealthy relationship with food and diets, I decided to try weight management with True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester. After 4 - 5 sessions and regularly listening to the CD's provided after each session, food no longer rules my life. My confidence has grown and consequently the excess weight has fallen off. I can't recommend True Potential Hypnotherapy Chichester highly enough" C

Joan from Hayling Island

Just thought I would keep you updated with my weight loss I have now lost 2 stone in total. Being a nurse we are often given chocolates, biscuits and cakes by our patients. At our station there are always sweet things to eat and I can honestly say that I am not tempted anymore to eat them. Thank you so much the hypno-gastric band system has really worked for me. I no longer feel like I am on a diet.

Roger from Portsmouth needed to lose 4 stone for health benefits

Roger really needed to change his eating habits his doctor had told him that he needed to lose weight. Roger found it difficult to walk and was out of breath really quickly. This is what he found: Usually when I start 'dieting' I lose about a stone in weight and feel hungry and unhappy all the time. I give up and put my weight back on and more. Playing my CD's everyday have kept me motivated and I feel full much more quickly I am wanting to eat more healthily. For the first time in my life I know that I will succeed. I am also finding it easier to walk and feel so much healthier. Not only have I lost 3 stone but my wife who also listens to the CD'S with me has lost one and a half stone as well.

Rachael from Horndean

Rachael only wanted to drop a dress size and found it very difficult to do. She is a single lady who works long hours and would come home from a long day feeling tired. Rachael found it easy to pick up the phone and order food in. She also loved crisps!! I am pleased to say that I have now reached my ideal weight and love shopping for clothes. I now love cooking and eating healthily. I have now joined our local gym and really enjoy going along to classes. I feel confident that I will never have a weight 'problem' again. Thank you so much.

Sharon from Alton

Sharon did not like vegetables or salads and consequently found eating healthily very difficult. I shocked my friends when we went out to dinner as they were used to me ordering steak and chips no peas. Not only did I order jacket potato but I went up to the salad cart. I now love salad, tomatoes, cucumber and carry around raw carrots to snack on. It is great trying all the different foods and I have so much more energy. Looking forward to the winter and eating vegetables and enjoying them. Hypnotherapy is great thank you so much.

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