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Hypnotherapy for IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

hypnotherapy Chichester Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS as it is commonly referred to, is a gastrointestinal disorder whose cause is unknown, although not life-threatening, IBS can be extremely debilitation for the sufferer.

IBS is classified as a "functional bowel disorder", which means there is a problem with the function of a part of the body, but there is no abnormality in the structure. So in IBS, the function of the gut is upset, but all parts of the gut look normal, even when looked at under a microscope.

Symptoms of IBS

IBS is characterized by abnormal changes in the movement of the muscles of the intestines. Either faster or slower transit time, the time it takes food to pass through the digestive track. If mobility is too fast it may result in diarrhea, if too slow it might result in constipation. These two conditions may also produce abdominal discomfort, spasm or pain.

The symptoms of IBS are usually worse after eating. Most people experience a "flare up" of symptoms, lasting between 2-4 days. However "flare ups" can last weeks and symptoms can feel continuous. IBS affects each person differently, but the distinctive feature of IBS is abdominal discomfort or pain.

Stress and IBS

There is evidence to suggest that psychological factors play an important role in IBS. Changes in emotional states, such as stress or depression often cause a flare-up of symptoms. IBS is frequently triggered by life changes, difficult life situations or stressful life events.

There is a fair amount of evidence to suggest psychological factors play an important role in IBS. However, this does not mean that IBS is "all in the mind", because symptoms are very real. Intense emotional states such as stress and anxiety can trigger chemical changes that interfere with the normal workings of the digestive system.

How can Hypnotherapy Help

Hypnotherapy is not magic, but it does recruit the therapeutic power of relaxation and belief to alter bowel function in people with IBS. Hypnotherapists induce a trance like state of relaxed and focused attention in which suggestions are implanted by the therapist and these can continue to be effective long after the session has concluded.

During the first session hypnosis will be explained, and any worries about treatment discussed. At this first, and then subsequent visits, hypnosis will be induced by calming mental imagery, progressive muscular relaxation, deep breathing and a slow repetitive vocal tempo.

You will enter an altered state of consciousness, which is usually described as a very pleasant and relaxing. During hypnosis, all your attention will be focused on the therapist's suggestions, which relax you and relieve discomfort. Suggestions, made by the therapist may continue to influence the way you feel and behave for some time after the session.

At the end of the session, which usually lasts between 30 and 50 minutes, the therapist will use suggestions to bring you out of a deep state of relaxation. You will usually feel much better after hypnosis, just like you have had a deep sleep.

I have now completed a IBS Master Class, to enable my hypnotherapy practice to assist IBS sufferers to the greatest effect. The gut directed hypnotherapy program developed by Professor Peter Whorwell a professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology at University Hospital of South Manchester, has a medically proven success rate of 70%. Gut directed hypnotherapy involves inducing the hypnotic state and then offering specific suggestions for improved gut function.

This 6-12 week program sets out to give you control over your symptoms, not your symptoms controlling you.

Call for an appointment on 07701 027584, it could help you get your life back again.

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